Spring sewing

Well in spite of feeling very technologically impaired, I am going to keep writing. I looked at the Simplicity website today, and found gobs(real word) of patterns that I want to use in the next several months. Some for the pg daughter and daughter-in-law, some for the babies, some for the littles, and even a couple for me. Oh and a vintage Barbie clothes pattern. Now I just need to finish up my winter sewing so I can get started on the spring collection. I think I might use the SWAP for Laura and Molly. It would be a good way to ease into it for myself.



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3 responses to “Spring sewing

  1. Hmm… could you possibly be talking about 5785 for the barbies? I immediately thought of you when I saw that one.

    I just finished cutting out the REAL material for my dress. I’m about to start sewing, I just wanted to take a break in between. Wish me luck!

    And by the way, ‘gobs’ is a perfectly cromulent word.

  2. Eran of Arcadia

    What, you are using euphemisms, or just lazy?

  3. SWAP=Sewing With A Plan…..I am not planning to trade off the girls. Today.

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